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What are Bras and Underwears

Bras are used for keeping the breast tissue supported and in the right place. Girls and women love bras since it makes them comfortable and soothes their silhouettes. Women generally feel more confident wearing bras with T-shirts and other blouses. You will find  different bras and panties, swimsuits, shapewear guides, calculators and easy measurement tips Also checkout our top picks for nice panties that can be worn at any time?

about bra sizes calculation and measurement

A Womans Bra sizes measurenent is important since no woman wants to wear oversized undergarment lingerie. You might be worried as to which size is right for you. Since there are different bra sizes brands, the maker might include their sizes. For example, when you go into a particular bra shop and pick a C-cup, you must have noticed that it might not be the same when you enter another clothing store. 

Knowing them before heading to the shopping mall or boutique is vital as it saves you time and makes shopping for the right bra size easier. Women who have bigger breast cup sizes have been known to experience upper back or nipple pain, according to this study journal

You do not have to guess the right comfy Bra size. This guide will help you choose the right bra size using simple charts and images you can see and learn easily. This also applies to sports bras) or when you have a sore to touch breasts due to wrongly fitted bras in the past.

Band-sizeEU (Standard)US / UK

Choosing the right bra size?

According to Research Gate Journal, sports bras should give some anatomical support starting from the skin of the breast. The research aims to find out the right fitted bra for most women. 

Here are some issues that might make you go for a fitted bra if you have experienced any of these – breast cup Wrinkling, poking of your breast due to underwire, cup spillage, a hiking bra when you raise your hands and sagging breast. These issues need to be attended to by a bra fit specialist. However, we have compiled easy steps you can also take to achieve the same results. 

Factors such as weight loss or weight gain which might affect your panties size, an exercise regimen, getting pregnant, or diet change might give a slightly different result. 


When you plan to get the right bra cup sizes measurement, you will need the cup sizes and the band sizes. They are important for you to wear a rightly fitted bra.


These are like drinking water cups which holds a particular volume. You need the exact cup because you don’t want to take in much water than your body needs. When you find the right cup size, it stays flat and cushions your breast while keeping everything neatly packed and steady. This avoids cup spillage or sagging.

Right at the middle of the bra, the place of intersection, we call it the bridge of the bra. A fitting bra makes the bridge stay flush while resting against the sternum. Do not let it hang around the breast as this might signal an overflowing cup.

If the bra has an underwire, it should lay comfortably under the breast tissue, providing support without digging into the sides of the breast tissue or into the underarm area. You can notice an improperly fit bra when its placed beside the cups around the underside of your breast. Avoid anything that will make the underwire to lay on your rib cage.


When using a bra band, it should be comfortable and align perfectly as a fixed hook set which lets you tighten the breast. a good bra band should not ride up.


BAND/CUP (IN)323436384042444648


The straps meant to be fitting on your shoulders. Don’t let them slip off. Always position them at the center of each shoulder.  And they should not be too close to your neck region.

bra size chart-


How do I calculate my bra size?

bra cups sizes

You can calculate your bra size by properly measuring your bust,, placing your hands where its fullest. And let the waist be where its narrowest. After this, subtract the waist value from the bust value. The inch difference is your cup size.

The bras are always measured using the alphabet for their sizes.

Which bra size is bigger A or B or C?

A. This is a smaller size. We have the B, which is a bigger cup, and the C, which is larger than the B, etc. Therefore, we have established that B is larger than A While C is bigger than B.

When seeking the bigger bra, between 34 and 36, we realize that the 36 is a bigger band size. It’s more than the 34. We have other examples like the g-string or thong. Before making a final decision , ask your boyfriend who might also be thinking about what their girlfriend would like since most guys prefer a breast lifted appearance. in this case a push up bra might be effective.

For example, A 40C bra size is perceived to be more than the average, but sometimes, what’s big depends on individual differences and body sizes. It’s known that Bra sizes are subject to your body’s frame; therefore, what seems large for one might not be for another. 

Measuring Your Bra Size in cm or inches at Home

Do you have a tape measure? Then, you don’t need to endure an embarrassing bra fitting at the lingerie store.

measure your bust

Here is where to look

Just start from the DIAPHRAGM

First, use a tape measure, take a firm measurement around the rib cage, directly underneath the breast. Hold it very firm and tight, so it doesn’t slip down your back.


Next, measure around the fullest part of your bust. Position the tape loosely around the bust.

Once you have your measurements, use the chart to find your bra size.

calculate your bra size

TIP: Some of our bra styles do not have cup sizes, so match your measured bra and cup in the chart to find the size.

TIP: For the most accurate results, measure yourself in your undergarments.

When you go to a particular store to get a C-cup, after leaving for another chop, you will soon discover that the C0-cup in one shop is the D-cup at the store, and you know that after some washings, some bras will lose their shape and start becoming a bit slack. To cover this, regularly measure your bra bust size and cup size. This will keep you updated, and you will spend less time searching for the best bra size or brand.

Sometimes, we do not want to go through the steps to solve a simple problem. It may appear larger since we have ignored it or refused to do it over a long period. 

Us bra size chart table

bra sizes usa

Bra sizes charts uk

uk bra sizes chart

The Table above is a table show the UK bra sizes


Which of these cup size is bigger B or D?

A  1-inch differences you measure the bust and band gives you an  A cup; and a 2-inch difference gives you a  B cup, A 3 inches difference is a C cup, this means that a 4 inches difference is a cup D, therefore
36 bra size is cup B.

Is DDD the same as F

Yes DDD is the same as F in the USA.

You do not want to repeat measuring your breast bust size each time you want to get new underwear. You can do it once every quarter. Three to four months’ check should be enough. It can be uncomfortable having to measure your size band each time you go shopping.

To start measuring your band size, you need tape and a chart showing all the bra band sizes. 

We have outlined that in this post. This will save you the stress of trying to guess your sizes every time or you will need your sister sizes . Major changes do happen in the life of a woman. You might get pregnant, age, or gain weight. These changes can affect the breast OR BUST SIZE. For example, pregnant women might gain weight after childbirth and still get to feed their child. There are bound to be constant breast size changes. 

Getting it right on time will relieve you of any stress that might result from wearing the wrong bra. 

International bra sizes

US, UK, Europe, France / Spain, Japan & Australia

cup sizes international

Cup sizes from smallest to highest

This can vary depending on the sizing system used in different countries. However, we have listed the sizes in order of letters from A to K. you can see the bra sizes from smaller sizes to larger sizes, based on the United States measurement system:

What are the bra sizes in order?

DD (E in some places)
DDD (F for some countries)

This might also mean that more measurement might be added. The band size and cup size might be included as it depends on the individual’s body. While some brand makers have strict standards they follow.

List of Bra Sizes

To find out your bra sizes. Some identifiers use the letters of the alphabet. For example, in the U.S. and UK, the letters A through F represent every bra’s cup size. They are grouped under these letters. When trying to know the cup size, especially as the size increases, you have to move further. Simple alphabets, such as the AA or DDD, are part of it. When a number is assigned to a bra, that’s the band size. Calculate in inches or cm to determine the bust size by measuring your torso right under the breasts. Numbers from 30 with a steady increment by twos: 32, 34, 36…etc.

Measuring the band and cup size is important when choosing a fitted bra. When this is not done correctly, many things might go wrong, and customers might be unsatisfied. Pay close attention to this article to get or give maximum comfort to someone asking how they might know their band size. 

When trying to know a lady’s ideal bra size, we combine three parts to get this. First is the bust, the under-bust then the cup. Then, after this, we use the tape to measure it to get a close measurement that holds the breast in a natural position.

What does ABCD in bra size mean?

The letters A, B, C, D is the cup sizes for every bra cup. They are closely followed by the band size which are numbers 32. 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48.

How Can you measure the Under-Bust?

To begin this process, wrap the measuring tape around your torso just under your breast. Allow the measuring tape you want to use for this to be real and lay flat against your body. Keep it in a parallel position to your bra band. 

When you finish measuring, and the number you got falls short of a whole number, round it up. For example, when measuring and you get 32.3, you must round it up to 33. Next is to add four inches to any number you get when it’s an even number. So this means if you got a 36, you need to add four digits since it’s an even number. Add five digits when it’s an odd number. So, using our earlier number 33, we add five to its band. This will give us a band size of 38. 

This is an important step as that’s how you can get a good-fitted bra for any event or occasion you want to attend. You want something that fits well and secures your breast. Do not let it become so tight that it cuts into your skin or stops breathing. Do not forget to hook your bra and set it well closely. You can increase the tension as time goes on.

The next measurement you’ll need will be the fullest part of the bust. You can achieve this by wrapping the tape measure around the breast while the ribbon is flattened and parallel to your bra under the band. keep in mind that a relax position1 when breathing is important according to expert research. 


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