5 hacks on How to Make a Regular Strapless bra

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Are you a plus size women or normal? Making a no-shoulder, no-sling bra is very important if you want to use a backless dress. When you want to make a regular strapless bra, you will need Straps, tank tops, strapless shorts, or dresses that you can’t have your strap showing in the four methods we are going to cover start from a very simple method that takes less than 30 seconds to do, and we’re going to go all the way to a method where you need to sew your bra into your shirt or use a push up bra.

Experts have revealed from their eperience that 80% of women wore a wrongly sized bra.The report 1reveals that also 10% of these women wore an oversized bra.

Some women with a larger breast, you might find that you don’t have enough support. If that sounds like you, we suggest ensuring the straps are tight and secure this might work with strapless tops which are straight across. Putting on a wear that is cut-out or having a neckline, the bra might be visible.

It’s not hard to fix and it can be handy when next you want to attend an event.

how you can hide bra straps using a strapless dress?

You can hide a strap if the bra has a hook, snap or clasp. just check the front or the back of the bra. hide the starps by pinning the straps into a crisscross shape. as shown below.

How to Turn Your regular Bra Into a Strapless Bra

wear your bra then  loosen the straps (adjust it as needed later)
Cross the straps diagonally over your head carefully taking each one
Keep the straps under your armpits.
You can tighten it so its secure.
Finally adjust as you want.

You can turn a regular bra into a strapless bra. Take your favorite bra with removable straps to keep them as long as possible. Wrap them around your shoulders while pulling them forward. After that, hook both straps under your bust. 

Since bras are known to fall off often, you can use adhesive tapes around them. Something like a double-sided fashion is perfect for this purpose. Just place some strips on the inside of your bra. 

How do you wear a strapless bra without it falling down?

choose the right bra cup size for you.
get a good tape to hold things in place
see if a thick band bra will do.
go with a longline starpless or corset .
choose a rubber band bra.
get a new bra.

fix a strapless bra

Convertible strap method. 

Bras usually come with detachable straps, which makes it easy to make a bra with straps into a strapless bra. How could you do that.S? You can see the connectors here and that they can be taken off. Just start on one side. Press down on it a little bit, then slide it right out of this connector. We have just removed the first part of our left. Now go to the back of the band and do the same thing. 

Tug it in so it stays. You don’t just want the straps falling off again. Now that we have one strap off, we will do the same thing here on the right side or press down on the strap slightly and with some pressure. You pull it out. Repeat the same process with the back part of the bra. Just slide it on out, and the second strap is off. 

We have successfully converted our bra with straps into a strapless bra. Since we didn’t cut the straps, it can easily be fixed again if we want to make it into a strap bra.

It’s also a very fast method if you decide to change for the night and put on a strapless dress. Just pull the straps off, and you’re good to go. 

This method might not work for every bra since not all have a detachable strap. 

Hide the straps method

 Our bra has this white spaghetti strap, and we shall place the bra inside this shirt here talking about wearing this nice white spaghetti strap and if we’d have these like Navy straps off the sides, which is not the classiest looking for just running errands. It will be useful when going out, date night or with some friends. We don’t want our straps just hanging off on the sides. 

Now it’s time to get creative as we’re working on hiding the straps within the shirt and nestled on the side of the bra. 

Using the back of the shirt. We tuck them into the bra so you can see here how we’re taking the strap, and we would just kind of like Nestle it into the side of the cup a little bit and underneath your band, and you would just going to pull it tight, and then repeat the same thing on the left side. 

hide a strapless bra

Does it have this on, and you would take the strap off your shoulder? And then tuck it into the bra a little bit. This method is definitely easiest to do when you’re wearing the shirt. I do not recommend trying to figure it all out on a table and then putting it ongoing. You’re going to have to readjust, so definitely do this method while you’re wearing both the bra and the shirt because then you can easily adjust How the straps are sitting within the bra as a little trick to you can always come underneath the band and pull the straps down if they’re coming out of the side here on the top. Repeat a couple of times. Remove a strap from your shoulder, then Tuck it in your bra. That’s how you get it done quickly. Use this method when you need a quick fix to make your brush strapless brushes, since it doesn’t damage your bra. 

Use a tight bra

You should use a bra that is tight enough on its own without the straps because the band will be your only support at this point. Start by pulling the straps off of your shoulders and wear the bra without the straps attached. Checking if it’s tight enough or so you change it. Just change the bra if you do not want to cut it. You will need a tighter one. 

Now that you are ready, cut two places first. Start at the top here, and you will likely find it where it connects to the cup, as it’s the best place to cut the bra. We want to be careful not to cut into the padding because it might make the padding surface come out as you wash it. This will damage your bra faster.

 Just cut right above where it does connect to the cup. On the bottom near the, we want to turn it inside out a little bit. But on this one, you can see where it’s been sown before, so we want to cut right above those and where it’s been sewn. Now, let’s detach this. Let me start at the bottom of the band because it’s a little more defined where we should be cutting it rather than the top. 

Do this with sharp scissors that are sharp enough to cut through so you don’t end up with many Jagged, rickety lines. 

Move a bit closer, feeling better with the scissors. After cutting out that part of the strap, I now need to cut the top. Carefully cut across the line; next, hold with your two fingers and pull the strap tight with my thumb and my ring finger; pulling the cups tight will create more tension. Then it’s easier to cut. Now that one strap is off repeat the second one here. 

Again, I could have been closer to the edge, but I feel okay about that. 

Now we’ve officially made our bra a strapless here. I hope it works for you as a strapless bra because there’s no going back except when you decide to sell them. 

To remove the Jagged edges or close up any gaps, you might have just to the areas that you could cut; we will show you a sewing method for our fourth method coming up.

 That’s a strapless. 

Sewing the bra

A 4th method might sound a bit crazy, but here is it. We will chop this bra up so you can have these permanent cups, a permanent strapless bra always ready to go in your top or dress. 

Just aim to find where the underwire is and this this cup outline. Then try cutting along that gets rid of the band. It seems easy at first, but it has an elastic bottom. Use a supportive bra with a stronger scissor to cut through the band, 

You can sow a lingerie bra using a vintage strapless bra I got some time ago, materials I will need. I decided to source the materials. It wasn’t easy for me as some of these materials are not on the market. You have to order online. 

The main cup material seems like the “tricot”, a known t-shirt material in Ireland. After visiting local shops, I settled for the underwire, boning, elastic, lace, and padding found online. You can find the lyre, the mesh and the closure from your local store.

I was now plaque with choosing the right bra size.  

Using size 38D and a normal tape size of 42B. 

It was an easy process to create it. After making the padding, it all fell into place. I Had never worked with padding before, but it was super easy. The cup construction was the same as I did before. Getting it laced correctly, the lace placement and proper cutting was a bit tricky, but all turned out well. 

Cutting the lace.

I’m quite pleased with the materials I’ve used. I used the lycra with a lace overlay for the cups with padding underneath. Lycra with Tule underlay (so it doesn’t stretch) for the bridge and single lycra fabric for the sides. What is a Lycra fabric? It is a called elastane which is a highly elastic synthetic fabric for cothing.

Alright, so here we go. We’re going to start cutting it. So 

Turning a standard bra into a no-bra strap that can hold itself against the mounting pressure of a saggy breast frame? Stretch each strap over your head and encase it around your ribcage. This will keep the bra hidden when you are in a backless dress.

Now, it’s time to push the sashes into the bra cups. You can do this when you are going to watch a movie or a sporting game. Ensure you use a bra with the correct band and bust sizes. That’s how to keep everything in perfect shape.


A strapless bra stays up when it has suffuicient band support for the breast.  to keep a bra from showing, use bra clips to hold the straps and hide it. a fashion is also useful when you do not have a bra clip. Hiding the strap at your back. A simple paper clip or safety pin will do. And do not forget to avoid any gaping cups at the front.

Start by pinching your straps using a hand and connect them using 2 pins in such a way that they are hidden behind the racerback tank top.



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